Contribute to Healing Recipes Project

Healing Recipes Project

We invite you to contribute a piece to “Healing Recipes Project,” Women’s Creative Collective’s ongoing zine project and dialogue about personal healing recipes. This zine is being created in conjunction with “La Manifestación” SkillShare Retreat (May 20-…22) and other in-person writing workshops. This is a transnational project, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can contribute!

Check out the Healing Recipes Page for more info!


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February Writing Collection

Check out the Zine from our February 2011 Writers’ Workshop:

Collection Cover

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La Manifestacion Skillshare 2011

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2011 La Manifestación Skill Share Retreat, Sign Up Today!

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Writers’ Workshop Prompt 4 – Everything under the Rainbow

This week encompasses a variety of prompts because we are a variety of voices. For this last week, lets discover the endless possibilities of telling our stories, showing our perspectives, and exploring our creativity. Here are several directions to go in:


  1. I come from a place where….
  2. I love the sound of….
  3. I love the taste of….
  4. Respond to
  5. Pick a color and write describing yourself as it in the first person
  6. Make a list of inanimate objects that hold importance in your life or bring up firm memories. Imagine each object has a voice, a history, desires, and fears. Write from the objects’ point of view.
  7. Where does your time go?
  8. What is your ideal community?
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Writers’ Workshop Prompt 3 – The Moon’s Influence…Dreams, Cycles, Senses

The full moon of this month is this Friday, February 18th ! The moon has long been associated with the subconscious, intuition, imagination, and madness. It could be a source of bewilderment, increase sensitivities, or simply be our source of light in darkness. Our connection to the dream world is heightened  around the full moon. This week keep an account of your dreams, explore your senses(taste,touch, smell), find something hidden in the world of shadows with your writing.

Some dream prompts…

  1. What worlds do you dream about?
  2. Recall a character from a dream. Sit quietly for a few minutes – go back into the dream space until you have a strong impression of the character. Write about them, as them, or to them.
  3. Recall an object from a dream, what does it feel like, taste like, smell like? What importance does it have to you?
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WCC and Cucci Present: All About Anal!

Feb 11th Women’s Creative Collective will be celebrating the week of love with discussion around positive affirmation, self pleasure, anal stimulation, sex toys, and more.  In order to help us delve into the world of body positve, fun, open sexual pleasure, Cucci, a sex toy company will be focusing on anal stimulation along with an interactive workshop to help explore topics around erogyny and masterbation.

Confused, feel like you need more info………. well come to the workshop, duh :) Also bring a little cash if you would like to buy any pleasure toys!

Where:1438 w. 28th street, 90007

When: Friday, Feb 11th, 8:00 – 10:00 pm

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Writers’ Workshop Prompt 2 – “Language is a Place of Struggle”

Communication is an everyday exertion. Creating a bridge of meaning from one mind to the next is a pervasive effort with barriers to overcome. This week lets explore the simplicity and intricacy of one-to-one communication.

Write a series of letters. They could be addressed to someone you love, an ancestor, a place, a fictional character, someone you wish you knew better or have trouble talking to, a tree, an animal…an audience of one.

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Writers Workshop Prompt 1 – Freedom & Nurturing

February 1st is National Freedom Day in the United States – an overlooked, warped, and of course historically problematic holiday, but as we start writing in a month marked by the complexity of progress and emancipation, lets explore our ideas of freedom. This week write about boundaries to freedom, as well as pathways to freedom as you experience them or witness them through nurture, neglect, action, and reflection….

Specific Beginnings….
1.  What hungers do you have and how do you feed them?
2.  What animals are inside of you, do they come out to play?
3.  When do you feel free?

Welcome to WCC’s February Writing Workshop!

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Messages in a Body: An Intention Setting Workshop

Let’s keep the new year’s spirit alive! We will be learning self body-scan techniques to identify our strengths that will lead us well into the year. We will be constructing vision boards to create the world we’d like to see.  And participating in some exciting activities to find wisdom and guides to support our journeys this year!
Location: Founders Apartments
2610 Portland St
Between 28th and Adams
Tonight! from 8-10pm
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